Thursday, January 28, 2010

Therapy with Mommy

Lots of therapy with Mommy this morning.  Thanks to Dana, Dylan's therapist for letting us borrow the big mat/mirror.  Dylan is finally becoming really interested in looking at himself in the mirror.   He also enjoyed drooling on the mirror and rubbing his hands in it. 

Now to the jumperoo, he is reaching for the toys in front of him and pushing off the ground with his feet.

"I've almost got it Mommy!" 
We are still working on Dylan grabbing his feet.  He will do it by himself when he is in his Water Way Pool, but when not in the water I have to help a little bit. 

Some ball therapy. 
I have found that you can do a lot with a $0.99 toy.  He was also doing great laying on his back and kicking at the ball.

All tuckered out and ready for a nap.


  1. Oh I love this little boy! WHEN CAN I MEET HIM!? He is doing so well!

    PS - clicked on your sidebar menu for Dylan's story and I could not get to it. I will try again soon!

  2. Hey - I figured it out - there was an extra HTTP in the beginning of your link so if you delete that then it will work. (I have a techy obsession, I know.)

  3. Good job Dylan! He is doing so well. I think Riley and Dylan have such a similar laugh. Also, very similar movement patterns, RIley kicks and moves her arms just like Dylan is doing in the second video. So cute.

  4. The "tuckered out" picture in the bear hat is just so adorable!
    So you find that Dylan does more on a soft surface, like a bed, than on the floor?


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