Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Eating Better!!!

It has been 3 weeks since Dylan's surgery and he is doing great! His mouth seems to be completely healed. He is now back to taking 6oz of formula per feeding, THANK GOD. I can't wait to take him next week for the follow up appt. and see if he has started to gain some of the weight back. Tonight he seemed especially hungry so we decided to see how he would do with some yams. This was his first time eating solids since before the surgery. He did FANTASTIC! I can't believe it, he was opening his mouth for the spoon and everything. He was so happy to be eating. The best part of it was that food DID NOT come out his nose (before the palate repair Dylan was only able to take a few bites of solids before it would come out of his nose and make him very upset and not want to eat). We are so excited. This is such a great accomplishment for our Little Pickle, we are so proud of him.


  1. SOOO glad Dylan is eating well! What a relief!

  2. YEA!!! That is awesome! I bet you feel a huge weight off of your shoulders. I think feedings is one of the "heaviest" tasks with our little ones. YEA FOR DYLAN!


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