Wednesday, September 29, 2010

1st Haircut!

 Before: Wild hair - we thought he looked like Sideshow Bob from the Simpsons.

After:  Looking like a very handsome big boy!  Thanks Auntie Kerri!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Back from the Beach

Our little vacation at the beach was wonderful and much needed.  We all had a great time.  The weather was beautiful and we spent everyday down by the water. 

Now for some updates on Dylan:  In my last post I said how sad I was that Dylan hasn't shown much progress in the last few months, well I guess a little break from therapies and appointments was just what he needed.  While we were camping I worked with him everyday with his sitting, standing, and even eating more solid foods.  He was amazing!  He was able to stand by himself with his leg braces on the couch in the trailer looking out the window.  He was even able to turn to me when I called his name and not fall over.  He is able to pull himself up to a sitting position when he grabs my fingers.  I don't even have to pull him up, he is doing it by himself!!!  He is still a little unstable when sitting but I know this skill will come soon.  This morning as we were packing up he was sitting on the couch and he started to fall to the side and put his hand down and pushed himself back to center.  I was shocked because usually when he starts to fall to the side he seems to have no desire or want to try to balance himself and will just fall over.  Then yesterday the most miraculous thing happened.  My mom and I were down at the beach and talking to Dylan and he was talking back in his usual sounds and then he said "HI" in the sweetest little voice I have ever heard!  He has yet to say it again but we both heard him say it plain as day so I am counting "hi" as his first word.  It was so amazing to hear Dylan look right at me and form a word I almost cried.

Now I do have to elaborate on Dylan's new skill of eating solid food.  For the past few weeks he has been refusing a lot of the pureed baby foods.  So I have slowly been introducing him to solid, but soft table foods. I had tried this about two months ago and he ended up choking often and then would sometimes throw up which usually ended up being his entire meal so I felt that maybe he wasn't ready for chewing.  He is ready now!  His diet now includes: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, egg salad sandwiches, grilled cheese sandwiches (which I give to him in small bite size pieces), small pieces of cheese, small pieces of fruit, mac & cheese, spaghetti, salmon, tuna, Gerber puffs and yogurt melts.  He is doing great eating and he is now actually chewing!  Sometimes it takes him a little while but he loves regular food and seems to be over baby food.  I am so proud of our little man!  He makes me smile every day.

Here are a few pics from the beach:

He loves to feel the sand in his toes.

First time in the backpack for a walk down the beach, he loved it!
This is for all of you that wanted a belly pic - I am now 30 weeks pregnant and feel like I swallowed a basket ball.
My little surfer girl.
At the Santa Barbara Zoo.
I just love those little blond curls coming out of his hat and those sweet baby cheeks.
Fascinated with what is outside.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Finally I post

Well, it has been a very busy couple of weeks and to top it all off Verizon was just able to get our Internet up and running today so I blame that on my lack of blog posts.  We have now officially moved into our new house and everything is coming along.  We still have some things to unpack but the majority of it is done.  The kids and the dog have settled in great and it is beginning to feel like home.  I have started the long process of finding new doctors and therapists for Dylan.  I have already found a great Pediatrician that I love and she was able to give me a lot of referrals to different specialists. 

Sadly the therapist department hasn't proved to be that easy.  I already put in the request for Dylan to be transferred from Riverside county to Los Angeles county and have been told that it could take over a month for the Regional Center to review his file and assign us a new therapist.  I just hate waiting that long.  I will be honest I have been so busy getting everything together that I have had little time throughout the day to work a lot with Dylan.  He has been a little trooper and will sit happily in his jumper or bouncy seat watching me while I unpack but I have yet to really put in any good therapy time.  I feel so guilty because of it.  It has all been really stressful for me (not to mention that I am now 29 weeks along and getting pretty uncomfortable).  I have promised myself that starting this week we are back in mommy PT/OT business! 

No real big changes with Dylan these last few weeks.  He was sick this week with a cold/cough/rash/fever that left him pretty unhappy but he is on the mend now and back to his happy self.  I am a bit sad that I have no new progress to report but I know in my heart that he will start making more strides in his development in these next few months. 

Hailey has started her new Preschool and loves it.  She is so proud to be in the Kinder-Prep class, she feels like a big kid now. 

And because I am completely crazy the kids and I are heading to the beach for the next few days for some much needed relaxation.  I say that I am crazy because it feels like there is still so much to do at home and now I am packing up to leave.  I promise to take lots of pics and post when I get back on Thursday.