Monday, August 6, 2012

I think this is pretty AWESOME!

Dylan surprised his PT and myself today by actually walking  (with very light support) and holding on to the treadmill.  We work on this every week.  Every Monday we go to PT and every Monday I am cheering and smiling the whole time but today I almost cried.  When Dylan enters the gym, the treadmill is the first thing we pass and the last 5 months it has been the first piece of equipment he works on with his PT.  He has never walked like this before on the treadmill, he usually just lets his feet drag when we turn it on and the belt starts moving but today he decided he was ready!

Let me tell you another awesome thing that happened today - two of Dylan's teachers from his preschool came for a home visit.  Yeah, I said a home visit!  They spent about 45 minutes observing and playing with him in his own environment so that they can get to know him even better. They wanted to see how he played with his toys and interacted with his siblings.  They are such wonderful teachers and I can't believe how they are going above and beyond to help him reach his goals for school.  I'll say it again  - I LOVE this school.

A few pics from last weekend at the park. :)

As you can tell by the look on my face the slide was faster and bumpier than I had expected - Dylan loved it though.
My sister and I had to keep taking turns taking him up in the jungle gym, every time we climbed out he would cry  - he wanted to be with all the other kids climbing around.  The moment we took him back up - instant smiles and laughter. :)