Friday, December 23, 2011

More Milestones

This is a quick post because I have to get back to baking.  Just wanted to share a few exciting things that Dylan has accomplished this week: First -  He can sit in the bathtub without his bath seat!  I was always to nervous to have him sitting in the tub without it because I was afraid that he would slip fall over and hurt himself but he has proven that he can do it!  He was so proud of himself and had a great time with his brother and sister splashing around.

Second - He is now feeding himself something other than cheese!  He is trying to bring everything to his mouth and is doing so great with taking a bite and chewing hard and crunchy food. 

Third - He is standing so much stronger and for longer periods of time.  He is also able to take about four steps with me just giving him some balance and support around his hips. 

We made a trip to the Christmas tree farm this afternoon and got some cute pictures and ended with a visit to Santa. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Is it really almost Christmas?

Is December really half way gone?  Christmas is around the corner, AHHHHH!  I am not ready yet.  I feel as though I haven't even had time to soak in all the Christmas spirit.  When you are a kid it seems like December is the longest month of the year but as an adult it goes by way to fast.  I have been so busy working and going here and there with the kids, and everything else that I have volunteered myself for that I've barely had a chance to sing Jingle Bells.   

Here is my runny nosed little Dylan ready to spread some holiday cheer with his smile that will light up a room:
Even with a cold he is still happy.
Oh, and we still don't have our gait trainer, this one is the loaner.  Don't even get me started on it or I am bound to write some bad words.  However, I was told that it was on the way - maybe for Christmas? What a great gift it would be.

Here is my little speed demon Luke.  He can run like no one's business in the walker, so watch your toes and shins.   He of course was way to busy trying to run after Hailey to look at the camera.
Huckleberry was happy to spread some Christmas cheer in our house too.

Dylan did get his SureSteps though.  He picked out ones with skateboarders on them.   He's all about being cool with his skater shoes.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bring on the Holidays

I started decorating this weekend, Hailey told me I better hurry up so that Santa wouldn't forget our house, so we lugged out all the boxes from the shed and put up the lights outside.  It made her very happy to see our house looking so festive.  While I was going through our huge box of Christmas lights Luke thought it was great fun to play with them, and I couldn't pass up a moment like this...

This one is my favorite.  Me being the total amature photographer, I thought this one turned out pretty darn good.   And because Luke and I were having so much fun Dylan and Hailey had to get in on the action.

Dylan has a new trick to show off - he can pull himself up to stand from the stool.  He is doing this all on his own, I am just holding his hands for balance!  This video was shot by big sis Hailey.