Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Is it really almost Christmas?

Is December really half way gone?  Christmas is around the corner, AHHHHH!  I am not ready yet.  I feel as though I haven't even had time to soak in all the Christmas spirit.  When you are a kid it seems like December is the longest month of the year but as an adult it goes by way to fast.  I have been so busy working and going here and there with the kids, and everything else that I have volunteered myself for that I've barely had a chance to sing Jingle Bells.   

Here is my runny nosed little Dylan ready to spread some holiday cheer with his smile that will light up a room:
Even with a cold he is still happy.
Oh, and we still don't have our gait trainer, this one is the loaner.  Don't even get me started on it or I am bound to write some bad words.  However, I was told that it was on the way - maybe for Christmas? What a great gift it would be.

Here is my little speed demon Luke.  He can run like no one's business in the walker, so watch your toes and shins.   He of course was way to busy trying to run after Hailey to look at the camera.
Huckleberry was happy to spread some Christmas cheer in our house too.

Dylan did get his SureSteps though.  He picked out ones with skateboarders on them.   He's all about being cool with his skater shoes.


  1. I didn't have such a variety to choose from for Adi. But there were dinosaurs, so we were happy. :) Nice photos... cute kids! So exciting about getting the gait trainer soon. :)

  2. I agree, Dylan's smile lights up the room. Love the skater SureSteps! Adorable pictures of your beautiful children!


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