Monday, January 25, 2010

Getting Chubby

Silver Spoon Baby
One more Silver Spoon Baby picture, Dylan sure loves this super soft blankie. It actually looks like Dylan is getting chubby. He has been eating great the last four days- taking his usual (4) six oz. bottles and now 2 solids in a day. Whoo Hoo!! I can't believe the change in him. It's so amazing so see him eat now, actually wanting the food and opening his mouth for the spoon and not being a moving target - it definitely has made my life easier.

O.K. I had to add these videos only because I am so proud of myself that I finally figured out how to upload videos from youtube to my blog!!!  (I know, I know, it really wasn't that hard).


  1. So happy to see how well Dylan is doing with feeding. It takes so much stress and pressure off when our little ones are getting what they need for growth and development. Dylan looks great!

  2. hey you guys, I can't believe how great Dylan looks. I love love love the bathtub swim videos. They make me laugh out loud and want to cheer him on. I'm happy for you both that he's doing so much better. I hope to see you all soon.
    Aunt Joanne


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