Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I couldn't help myself, I just had to take some pictures of Dylan with his Gloworm.  Every night when I put him in his crib I turn on the Gloworm (it glows and plays music) and he smiles the most precious smile ever and coos.  I find myself standing by his crib for 10 minutes just staring at him smiling.  Yes, he has on a pink/flower sleep sack - that's what happens when you have a girl first and reuse some things (he also has a pink Bumbo seat).  So far Mitch doesn't seem to mind as long as I don't take him outside in pink.   


  1. Hi Kirsty, Nice to hear from you.. Its great to meet other WHS parents. I dont think I have seen your blog before, but Dylan is such a handsome little man. He looks like he is doing really well. Ellie is 17 months. She is the sweetest little thing, very happy, and very smiley!! Did Dylan have a cleft lip too? How is he doing at the moment. LOVE the glow worm, does it help Dylan sleep? Take care, Chat soon : )

  2. ADORABLE! Love this guy! And about your comment on the yahoo group regarding blue hands. Norrah had that all the time for the first year - she no longer has it. Her Peds really didnt seem to worry nor did her cardiologists and it has since disappeared.


  3. Love the smile on his face when he sleeps with his little friend, so precious! I already feel bad that if we have a boy next, he will be wearing pink everything!

  4. And my princess wears car and frog PJs from her dear brothers. :) It's different with a girl wearing boyish clothes, so she wears many of her brothers' outfits during the day as well.
    We don't toe the pink/blue line so religiously. My boys saw pink strawberry print pajamas in a store and wanted to be "baby strawberries!!!! OMG!!!" so I got them the pink PJs. :) They also have leopard print PJs which they LOVE to pretend to be leopards in.

  5. LOVE these pictures!! I had boys first, so my daughter wore blue sleep sacs and had trucks on her crib sheets. Our Bumbo seat was new with her though, so Frankie will be sitting pretty in a purple one. Why I didn't just go gender-neutral when accumulating stuff, I'm not really sure. :)


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