Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year

I hope that everyone had a Happy New Year! We had a great time out in the desert with all of our friends. It was a bit cold, but still lots of fun. It was nice just to get away for a few days. Here are a few pics from this weekend:

All the guys ready to go out on a ride. I think they all look so cute in their riding gear. I tease Mitch because he used to let me go out on all the "guy" rides, that was before we were married, so either in the last 6 years I have either gotten slower or they have gotten faster (or maybe he was just being nicer to me to try to win me over so that I would marry him). He says that I wouldn't be able to keep up (maybe so). So he gets to go out on these awesome 2-3 hour rides and then comes back and takes me on a short "girl" ride. Poor me, I told him my problem would be solved if he just bought me a new, faster dirt bike. I don't have him convinced just yet.

This is my attempt to take a picture of us, sorry this kids got cut out a little.

Please excuse my helmet hair.

Two cuties all ready for bed in the trailer.

This is Dylan's new favorite toy from Christmas -it is a vibrating, singing elephant. He just loves it, he cries when it turns off.

All bundled up to go outside - burrrrrrr!

Dylan is sitting up better and better. Today I timed him and he sat with the boppy behind him for 8 minutes!!! He was smiling and so proud of himself. Way to go my big boy!

Dylan is also a bit of a rocker, just like the rest of us. His new favorite album is Them Crooked Vultures. He had a great time rockin' out to the music. I know it's bad that I don't play kids music for my kiddos, but it's hard when Hailey asks for Metallica - what is a mother to do? Of course we always play the censored version. Hailey is our little head banger and she is teaching her brother about rock 'n roll!


  1. I love the family picture (even if the kids missed the frame a bit)! And Dylan is such a strong boy sitting up! YEA! Can't wait to read about the next milestone!

  2. I can't believe how well Dylan is sitting!! He is doing amazing. He has changed so much since the beginning of your blog. It is so great to see how fast he is progressing. Looks like a fun weekend. I'm not so much invited on Brandon's motorcycle rides anymore either. Oh, those were the days!

  3. Hello Kristy,
    I just stumbled across your blog through mutual blogging friends. My son, Tanner, also has WHS. He's 10 months now. I love getting to know other WHS families and reading everyone's daily activities and accomplishments. You have a beautiful family:)


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