Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Progress Review

Today Dylan's therapist came and gave me the results of his last (9 month)assessment. I can't believe the progress that he has made. Here are the results:

Cognitive: 6.5 months
Receptive Language: 5 months
Expressive Language: 6 months
Gross Motor: 5 months
Fine Motor: 5 months
Social-Emotional: 6 months
Self-Help: 5 months

Now, I am sooooo excited because 3 months ago (at the 6 month assessment) he was scoring at 4.5 months and below. He continues to amaze me everyday. Tomorrow I take him back to the plastic surgeon to see how his palate has healed and to see how much weight he has gained (remember he lost about 8-9 oz after the surgery). He also has an appointment with the Geneticist. I am very anxious to see what she thinks of him. I will post an update tomorrow.

This is what happens when you leave a 3 year old unattended while you take a shower. She said that Dylan was cold and she couldn't find a blanket. I think I counted 8 stuffed animals on him - too cute.


  1. Way to go Dylan! That is such great news!!! I love to see our little ones keep making gains and being miracles! Hope the appt goes well and that the little man gained back even more than he lost. :)

  2. Yes, Dylan you're pretty darn awsome! Keep amazing me and your mom!
    Love you, Dana


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