Tuesday, December 15, 2009

So, if you look closely you will see that Hailey has on a yellow shirt with red ladybugs, pink pants, rainbow socks, pink sparkle shoes, a blue jacket and a orange Halloween clip in her hair. Can we say RAINBOW BRIGHT! This is how she insisted she dress for Preschool today, I have chosen to not fight this battle, I just laugh and take a picture.

Dylan did great in therapy today. Dana (his therapist) and I were almost in tears because he did so well. He tracked a toy with his head and eyes across mid line. He held a small ball in his palm for a long time (I wasn't timing it). He isolated his index finger and thumb to grasp a small fuzzy ball and he brought his arms out and forward when on his tummy (she had rolled him from his back to his tummy and had his arms under his belly). Also, while on his Wingbo he began pushing with his feet and held his head up 90* for a really long time. We were all very excited with this progress.

Dylan goes tomorrow for his cleft palate/ear tube surgery @ 11:30a.m., they are putting the ear tubes because he had a little fluid behind his ear drum. I am actually very surprised that he has never had a ear infection, he has actually never even been sick, not even a fever. We were told that babies with a cleft palate often have recurrent ear infections, but I guess Dylan broke the mold on that one. I hope and pray that everything goes well. I will post an update when we get home from the hospital, he will most likely only need to stay over one night, so hopefully we will be home on Thursday.


  1. Love the pictures, especially the one with Hailey holding Dylan. He looks so big! Love it! I know his surgery will go well tomorrow. We will be thinking and praying for Dylan.

  2. Praying for a great surgery and speedy recovery for Dylan! Keep us posted.

  3. he can watch while I take her pants and panties off and make her shake and buck as my fingers and tongue give her multi orgasms, then she shows let bro her c==k sucking skills


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