Saturday, December 5, 2009

Just a quick little message about the Water Way pool - I have set it up in the bathtub, shower and kitchen. The bathtub was the easiest for draining, the shower was easiest to fill up but I wasn't thinking when I went to let the water out the pool was blocking the drain in the shower - oops, all I can say is that water is HEAVY and of course Mitch was not at home, I had to wedge my feet under the pool to make a little space for the water to drain - it was not that easy. I then set it up in the kitchen using the sink (I have one of those nozzles that you can pull out) to fill it up when Dylan's therapist was here. I need to get a longer drain tube so I can drain into the sink, so I just used a bucket. This video was from last night, he was pretty tired and not very active - he fell asleep about 2 minutes after I took this.

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  1. Dylan is so cute!! I am so excited to try Riley in the pool. We should get ours on Monday. We got the wingbo today and I love it!! Thanks so much for the great ideas.


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