Monday, December 21, 2009

Dylan looking at Hailey - he actually gave me a little bit of a smirk. Hailey and I making Christmas cookies, if you notice she is just wearing an apron and underwear - she told me she didn't want to get anything on her clothes - she makes me laugh and takes my mind off my worries.

It has be a rough couple of days. Poor Dylan, he just seems like he is in pain all the time. He still hasn't smiled, and he holds his hands up to cover his mouth all the time. They gave us Tylenol with codeine to give him, it seems to work but he will cry easily, and it also makes him very sleepy which then makes it even harder to get him to eat. Feeding has been very very difficult. He doesn't want anything in his mouth, so it is quite a challenge. Before the surgery he was taking 6oz every feeding, now I am lucky if I get 2-4oz in. They don't want him to suck on anything for a few more weeks so I am squirting the milk into his mouth, but sometimes he will just hold it in his mouth and not swallow or spit it back out - he got me right in the eye this morning. It makes me so worried about his weight. It was such a challenge to get him up to 13lbs and I know he must have lost weight while he was in the hospital (after he went into respiratory arrest they didn't let him eat for 24hrs because they were worried about his airway). I take him tomorrow for a check up with the plastic surgeon. I hope she says that everything is healing well, and maybe she has some tips for feeding. As of today I have only been able to get him to take about 9-10oz of formula, certainly not enough, and it has taken me about an hour for each feeding. I am tired to say the least.


  1. Still praying that his mouth heals quickly and that he then eats everything in sight and regains any losses. Feeding and weight can just drive a WHS mama crazy on a "normal" day. I cannot imagine dribble feeding. Norrah would spit it in my eye too - I am sure of it.


  2. I'm sorry Dylan is still in pain, breaks my heart to see the little ones hurting. I'm glad he is home and in the arms of the ones who love it. That always helps. Riley takes the same amount of formula as Dylan, 9-10 oz, on a good day so I can relate to the frustration there. Hopefully things improve soon as he heals. Thinking about you guys.

  3. Hi kristy & mitch, just wanted you to know I think of you often. Sorry it's been a rough time for you. I wish I could help in some (any) way. Please let me know if we can help OK? I love the video's and pictures you post. This whole blog thing is incredible!!
    Love, Aunt Joanne


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