Monday, December 14, 2009

Dylan and my Mom. The best Mom/Grandma in the world.
Here are some pictures from this weekend. We spent Sunday with Mitch's Family. We all had a great time visiting with everyone.

Dylan is really liking his Wingbo, he is even figuring out how to push off with his feet and swing a little. He can stay in it for longer periods of time now, which makes me a very proud Mommy! We finally got approval for PT and OT through the Regional Center, up until now Dylan has had a early childhood development therapist come to our house once a week - she is wonderful, we are very thankful for her. But now I am very excited to add PT and OT to Dylan's weekly therapy. It is because of all the cutbacks in the state of California that it took this long for approval. Of course he hasn't started yet, I was just able to go for orientation, to sign all the papers, etc... I was told that once the paperwork was processed he would probably start in January. Until then I continue to do daily therapy with him for gross and fine motor development, work in his therapy pool, and Wingbo, etc... So watch out everyone, SUPER DYLAN is on his way!!!

He's just happy all the time. But what's not to smile about, he knows how completely adorable he looks in that outfit.

Hailey loves her baby brother. They are so cute together.


  1. Love all the pictures! Dylan is adorable as always - especially iwth that hat!!

  2. Great pictures. Dylan is pushing up so well in the swing. Riley likes to hang out in it but hasn't figured out how to make it move yet. Love the video, the giggle is adorable.

  3. We are thinking about you and Dylan and praying that his surgery goes well tomorrow. Keep us posted on how he is doing.


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