Friday, July 16, 2010

Sitting, Jumping and Rockin' on all Fours

I love that smile, he is sooooo excited.
Victory!  Dylan has been able to hold the sitting position for about 15-20 seconds for the last few days.  He tends to get a little distracted and will start to look around and lose his balance.  He is getting stronger everyday.  We are all so proud of him. :)

Today Dylan finally figured out how to jump in his jumper.   Before he would just rock back and forth, but after he saw Hailey jumping he thought that looked pretty fun too.  I am so excited that he finally wanted to push off with his feet and use his leg muscles.

This video was from the other night.  He is slowly regaining his upper body strength since the body cast was removed and now every time we practice the crawling position he just wants to rock back and forth.  Way to go Pickle - we love you!


  1. Great pictures and videos!! I love how Dylan was watching Haley and jumping with her, that is so great. He is doing awesome. He will be on the move in no time.

  2. Bravo, Dylan! You make me cry with your accomplishments-- keep getting stronger and know that you are loved! I'm sending my hugs to you across the miles. xo


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