Saturday, July 3, 2010

Leg Braces and a Growing Boy

Dylan got his leg braces yesterday.  I still need to find him little shoes that will fit over them so he doesn't slip.  He did pretty good with them this morning.  He is tolerating standing for a few minutes at a time and then he needs to take a brake.  They only need to be on his legs when we are working on standing, so my plan is to work with him 3 times a day so that he can build up his strength and tolerance.  Hopefully we will only need to use these for a few months and by then with the Vitamin D supplements and weight bearing his bones will be strong enough to support him on their own. 

Dylan also had his 15 month check up with the pediatrician - he is 16 months now but his appointment was delayed because of the body cast.  Here is how he measures up:

Weight = 15lbs 1oz!!!  That is a gain of 1 lb in a month, this is a huge gain for Dylan.  He has been hovering around 14lbs for the past 3-4 months and I never thought the day would come when the scale finally said he was over 15lbs.  That brings him to the 70th percentile on the WHS growth chart.

Length = 28"!!! This is a growth of 2" since his last check up, 60th percentile on the WHS growth chart.

Head =  16" -  not a huge growth here but still a gain of 1/2" since the last measurement bringing him to the 40th percentile on the WHS growth chart.

The Pediatrician thought that he never looked better.  She was so proud of all of his growth and development.  It was a good appointment, I walked out of the office with a big smile on my face.  Way to grow Dylan!


  1. Love the leg braces... Dylan looks so 'proud' standing up.. GO DYLAN!!! Love the stats too, what wonderful news to hear that he is doing so well after all he has been through... xx

  2. Yay, Dylan! You're getting stronger! Before you know it, Mommy will be chasing you around that table! xo

  3. Hi,,How you doing??How is your son now? I found your blog when I was trying to search info about leg braces for my daughter.

    Do you mind to share with me what happened exactly with your son? why he needs leg braces?


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