Sunday, February 26, 2012

3rd Birthday Party

Today we had a little celebration for Dylan's 3rd birthday.  It was perfect.  Short and sweet with just family and a few of his little friends.  Hailey told me that Dylan said he wanted a teddy bear party so that was just what he had.  The kids made Build-a-Bears, ate mac and cheese (Dyl's favorite), celebrated with homemade cupcakes and had a great time.  Dylan was all smiles all day.  It was the perfect party for our little man.  

This is what they started with: an empty teddy, stuffing, clothes, shoes and birthday accessories, and...

 ...this was the end result.  So very cute.

All the kiddos with their build-a-bears.
All in all it was a fantastic day.  Thanks to everyone for Dylan's birthday wishes.


  1. What beautiful photos.. And how sweet of Hayley... Looks like he had a great day.. Such a grown up boy x

  2. Awesome photos! Beautiful family! and most of all, a picture-perfect birthday boy!! Happy 3rd Birthday, Dylan~ you always make me smile! xo

  3. Happy 3rd birthday to Dylan! Looks like it was a great party!!

  4. Happy 3rd Birthday Dylan! Lovely pictures of your beautiful family.

    I love Luke's expression in the last picture, he seems to be wondering why Dylan is getting a cupcake and he does not have one yet. Too cute!!

  5. 3rd Birthday Party was so ADORABLE! Where did you get all of these cute little teddies from? Anyways, I too have to host a gorgeous party for my little angel and planning to book the kid’s rental party venues in Chicago. I wonder if you could help to find any affordable locations.


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