Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Just See Dylan

Don't look at Dylan and see what he can't do but instead look at what he can.  Look at all of his accomplishments and not at what a child his age should be doing.  Look at all of the joy, love and happiness he has brought.  Don't tell me that Dylan has problems, he doesn't!  Don't look at my beautiful boy and see a syndrome.  Just see Dylan.  I am an optimistic thinker.  I don't open a sentence with a negative.  I know that sitting is a precursor to walking.  Dylan can sit, therefore I know that one day he will walk.  It may not be in the next few months but I know that he will do it.  I know in my heart that Dylan is saying his sister's name "Hailey."  Some people may not hear it and maybe he doesn't say it perfectly, but you know what, I know what he is saying and I am so very proud.  I think Dylan is AMAZING!  You should too.

Being a parent is hard work  Having a child like Dylan has given me a greater understanding of life and what it means to love unconditionally.  Unless you have a child with special needs you can't truly understand how I feel.  My worries are different, my days are sometimes stressful and long.  Little things that I see others stressing over seem trivial to me now.  It's funny how quickly your life can change.   Becoming a mother changed me.  I look at my babes and could cry because I love them so much.  I am sure all parents feel the same way, but when we were told that Dylan wouldn't live past age two you count every day with his sweet, smiling face as a miracle and blessing.  When I hear him shout for his sister " HAAY YEE!" I get a lump in my throat because he wasn't supposed to talk. 

It has taken a long time for me to accept the WHS diagnosis, and stop asking why?  Last week I was at dinner with my husband's cousin and she shared with me that she believes our spirits have chosen the body we have.  Therefore, Dylan's spirit chose and accepted his "special" body and chose me to be his mom.  It was meant to be.  God gave us Dylan for a reason, it wasn't a mistake.  Thank you Sharon. :)

To end this post of rambling here is a cute pic of our very happy boy riding Whiskey with Grandma.


  1. Crap. Can you please write a post that doesn't leave me crying by the end? I love it. Can't wait to someday have Dylan and Alexander get together to discuss the girls. Love.


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