Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Cutest Costumes in the World! (well, I think so)

The Bluebird, The Unicorn and The little Owl.
Just a little sneak peak before Halloween.

Yes, they are all hand made by yours truly (and a little help from Auntie Kerri).

Hailey carved her own pumpkin this year - it was very messy but....

she was very proud of herself.

Look out Martha Stewart!


  1. Hand made? I'm very impressed! And those pumpkins are killer!!

  2. I love the costumes, and I love how strong Dylan is standing!!!

  3. Love them!!! Are you entering the contest? We are... and hoping to win - but ... we will root for you too ;)
    Love - from us to you.

  4. You have amazing talent!! Adorable costumes! Too cute! Love the pumpkins as well. Nice job Hailey on your pumpkin!

  5. Beautiful costumes~ I am totally jealous of your creativity and seamstress skills. Hailey's pumpkin is awesome~ she SHOULD be proud of herself; I don't think I could have carved one that nice. And the rest are quite amazing, too...who carved the skull? It is quite clear that you have one truly creative and artistic family. xo


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