Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall and Some Milestones

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year and for a few short days here in sunny So. Cal. it actually felt like fall.  However, the cooler temperature was short lived and now we are back in the 80's and 90's!  Because Halloween is around the corner we decided to get into the spirit and hit a Pumpkin Patch.  I told myself that if it gets cooler again we are so going back, mostly so they can wear their Halloween shirts that are long sleeved and I can get a picture.  Seriously, who wants to go to a pumpkin patch when they have misters spraying you with water because it is so hot and the kids are fussy and sweaty - not me.  We had fun anyway and managed to take a few pics, although they are not the best.

 Yeah, my eyes are closed and Dylan wasn't looking but sadly this was the best one with all three kids.
 Dylan is our little animal lover and was completely happy when he was petting the little mini.
 Dylan loved to play in the hay, Luke on the other hand liked to eat it.
"Who is this guy?"

I feel like a bad mom, even as I write this, but yesterday was the first time I have ever taken my kids to the library.  Yes, I know it's awful and I am sorry, but now I feel better because Hailey got her very first library card and checked out some great books (Charlotte's Web and The Mouse and the Motorcycle which we started reading last night).  The boys enjoyed playing in the aisles and grabbing books off the shelves. 

 FYI - Luke is now on the move!  He started crawling yesterday, so look out!  He has been working on crawling for a while now but he has a lot of weight to move around and it was hard for my chunky monkey.
Dylan says, "get your own book, little brother, this one is mine."
Our little nature lover - Dylan loves nothing more than being outside, especially rolling around on the grass.

Listen closely, Dylan is saying "Hailey!"  He has been calling out for her for a few days now and I finally caught it on video - can you say PROUD!


  1. Love it! Way to go Dylan! Just wait~ this is only the beginning!! xo

  2. This makes me so happy!! It's the most beautiful sound. Way to go, Dylan!!

  3. I love hearing Dylan say his sister's name! Love Love Love it! I also love how Luke is just checking out his two awesome siblings and taking it all in! Too cute!


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