Friday, June 25, 2010

Some Good Things

Wednesday Dylan got his cast off -WHOO HOO!!!  Sadly this was a traumatic experience for him.  He was completely afraid of the saw they had to use to cut it off.  It was very very loud and he was covering his face and screaming during the whole process.  He then was sized for leg braces which he will use when standing for now until his bones get stronger then hopefully not have to use them at all. 

Before - still happy

Not too sure

Totally scared and angry

OHHHHHH poor baby!

Free from the stinky cast, but still pretty upset.

Today he was the happiest he's been in 4 weeks.  I have never seen him kick his legs and move around so much.  When I put him in his crib for his nap every time I checked on him he was in a different spot and in a different position.  He was laughing at Hailey and having a great time just being free.  I was probably just as happy as he was because I could hold and cuddle him without this big thing poking me in the stomach.  The downfall to being in this body cast for four weeks is that he seems to have lost a lot of his strength, mostly in his upper body.  He feels like a wet noodle.  I hope that it doesn't take months to regain all that he had accomplished.  He does resume PT/OT next week so hopefully that will help. 

I also heard back from the Endocrinologist today with Dylan's lab results.  Good News - she doesn't think he has osteoporosis!  All of the labs came back normal except for his vitamin D - it was at about half of what it should be so she has started him on vitamin D supplements for now.  I do need to send another urine sample because the lab messed up and tested it for the wrong things.  So until that comes back we really don't know for sure if we can rule out the osteoporosis but she feels strongly that the fracture was from his low vitamin D and lack of weight bearing which together caused him to have fragile bones.  I hope and pray that the combination of the supplements and leg braces will help Dylan to one day be able to walk and run.


  1. "I hope and pray that the combination of the supplements and leg braces will help Dylan to one day be able to walk and run."

    Me, too!
    Lots of love! xo

  2. Such great news about the lab results. Vitamin D supplements are a much easier solution that having osteoporosis. So glad the cast is off. He will be back to doing everything he did before the break and more in no time!!


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