Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ortho follow up

Dylan had his follow up appointment with the Ortho today to see how his leg is healing and we finally got some good news, the bone is healing great and he only needs to stay in the cast for 2 more weeks!!!  Thank God!  Finally something positive.  I also heard back from the Geneticist today.  I called her last week to ask if osteogenesis imperfecta is a condition associated with WHS.  She told me that children with WHS can have osteoporosis but usually not osteogenesis imperfecta.  Even though they are both a type of brittle bone disease they are very different.  She also told me that she does have one other child with WHS in her practice that has had fractures like Dylan's.  This was good to hear because the research I have done about O.I. is not very encouraging.  It is actually a genetic mutation of a chromosome and is not treatable.  However, osteoporosis is totally treatable!  She encouraged me to make an appointment with Endocrinology to get Dylan on the proper medication - done already, we see him next week.  Now I will be counting down the days until June 23rd to get this horrible stinky cast off my precious baby.  Things are lookin' up.

I forged all of Dylan's blogger friends' names because I know that if we lived close to eachother they would have been here to sign themselves.

Happy Boy!


  1. YOU KNOW IT! Miss Norrah would have definitely signed that cast in person. I love it! Glad that you got some good news. Dylan is looking very happy! Hope the littlest one is doing well too! Always thinking of ya!

  2. Great to hear you finally got some positive news... I am so happy for you. Love that Ellies name is signed on Dylans cast... she would be impressed with that. x

  3. So glad to hear the good news. Two more weeks with the cast is way better than 4 more weeks, very encouraging that he is healing so fast. I look forward to your endocrinology appt, i have worked with kids with OI and Dylan doesn't really fit the bill so I am interested to see what they say. Riley is so glad that her name is on the cast, she wishes she could sign it in person.

  4. Dylan is absolutely adorable! Congrats on just 2 weeks left in the cast! We know how stinky and awkward they can be! I came across your blog because I have a google alert notification set up for Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI). My daughter has type 3 OI (moderate-severe) and we blog about her journey. I'm glad to hear that Dylan doesn't have OI on top of everything else, but I just wanted to let you know that there is treatment for this type of Brittle Bone and it's called Pamidronate. It's a miracle drug from what our doctors tell us! Sonya has only had 4 sucessful treatments so far and I can't wait to watch her do the things we were told she would never do! I've been told that Pamidronate is the same type of drug used to treat Osteoporosis! :)

  5. Great, great news! Thank you for signing Kaylee's name to Dylan's cast; she certainly would have wanted to write it herself. You know, I think she has a secret crush on Dylan...sometimes when I am sitting with her on the computer reading your blog, I have caught her smiling at his picture. Shh-- don't let him know; she'd be mortified if I revealed her secret. :-)

    Always thinking of you guys. I hope these next two weeks go by as quickly as possible!

  6. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog Kristy! Yes, Sonya has been through quite a lot too. I just love how our little ones keep their spirits up with big smiles on their faces as they keep pushing through! We will be thinking of you when you head to the endocrinologist next week! Hope all goes well! :)

  7. Yay to the good news! Love how the cast has been signed, Ryley definitely would have signed it if he was closer! Plus Braeden would have too LOL!

    Hope the visit to the endo goes well.
    Big hugs for Dylan xox


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