Sunday, May 16, 2010

Toys are Becoming More Fun!!!

Dylan has made amazing strides this past month.  It is as if a little light went off in his head and now he is actively reaching and grasping for toys.   Now to be honest I used to think that he actively played with toys but looking back I think a lot of his playing was accidental not really purposeful.  I can't believe the change in him.  When two different toys are placed in front of him he is now making a choice as to which one he wants.  When he is playing he is becoming more verbal and babbling up a storm (no mama or dada yet but he has his own little language and we are very happy that he is just making noise).  He is trying so hard to sit up on his own, he's almost got it but his trunk control is still a little weak.  He is tolerating standing with his leg splints on for longer periods of time, and he is finally able to hold the crawling position for a few seconds without going down on his elbows.  He continues to roll and move all around.  When I put him to sleep in his crib I usually find him turned the other way and/or rolled over.  He is finally getting some hair on the top of his head, and it's curly just like his sister's.  He is eating like a little piggy, even tolerating some pancakes and french toast this morning (it was very exciting to watch him move the food around in his mouth and start to chew).  He doesn't want to drink from his bottle anymore and only wants his cup - fine with me, it took forever to break Hailey of the bottle.  He is also trying more and more to hold his own cup and drink from it himself.  We are so proud of our little pickle.

Love the drool - he's concentrating.


  1. Way to go Dylan! Love all the progress. Riley has the same ball and it is one of her favorite toys too. So glad things are going so well.

  2. On days like the ones I have been having lately, it is posts like this that lift my spirits and re-energize my sense of hope. Thanks for posting!


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