Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

We had a wonderful Easter with our family.  We were very happy to see my Aunt Susan and her husband Jack who are visiting from N. Carolina.  This was their first time seeing Dylan and he was just as cute as can be.  Hailey had a great time coloring Easter eggs with Auntie Kerri and making very delicious rice crispy eggs.  She was completely covered in chocolate and sprinkles but of course loved every minute of it.  Dylan was just adorable in his little dress shirt - he looked so handsome.  Sadly I didn't take the kids to see the Easter bunny this year mostly because Hailey is still deathly afraid of anyone in costume and the bunny at our mall I will have to admit is a little scary.  So at least I did manage to get some pictures of them with stuffed animal bunnies.  

I had to throw this picture in - it has nothing to do with Easter- but he just looks so big helping me with the laundry.


  1. Looks like you had a great Easter. I love the kids' outfits, so cute. Dylan is getting so big, he looks so grown up with his little dress shirt on.

  2. Fun fun!! Sprinkles sprinkles everywhere! I had a blast egg decorating with Bop. Baby Dyl is such a big boy! I oh so loved his easter outfit :)

  3. The pictures are adorable! Happy Easter! :-)


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