Thursday, April 15, 2010

EEG and Progress Review

One Year Progress Review:

In case you don't already know Dylan receives services from an in-home therapist once a week.  She is absolutely wonderful.  She works on all aspects of his development and every three months she performes a progress review.  Here are the results:

Outcome # 1:
Dylan will increase his gross motor skills
* Hold head up 90 degrees              - Goal met
* Sit head steady                            - Goal met
* Bear weight on legs                     - Goal in progress
* Chest up and arm support             - Goal in progress (he actually did this for about 30 seconds yesterday)
* Roll both ways                             - Goal met
* Sit supported                                - Goal met

Outcome # 2
Dylan will increase his fine motor skills
* Follows objects                           - Goal met
* Grasp rattle                                 - Goal met
* Bring hands together                   - Goal met

Outcome #3
Dylan will increase his language skills
* Will say ooh, aah                           - Goal in progress
* Laugh                                           - Goal met
* Squeal                                           -Goal met
* Turn to voice                                 - Goal met

Here are the results of his Child Skill Profile (the scoring is based on the skill level in months of age of a typical child)

Cognitive = 7.5 months
Receptive Language = 6 months
Expressive Language = 5 months
Gross Motor = 6.5 months
Fine Motor = 5.5 months
Social-Emotional = 7 months
Self-Help = 7 months

Dylan has made great steady progress throughout his first year.  We are so proud of all he has accomplished.  Way to go little man!!!

Dylan had his EEG today to see if his little twitches are actually seizures or not.  You might remember me posting last month about the Neurology appointment in which the MD thought that it might just be benign myoclonus and not seizure activity.  Since last month these twitches have actually decreased, he still has a few throughout the day but they have been few and far between.   Dylan was scheduled for a non-sedated EEG, however they needed him to be asleep for at least 20 minutes during the test.  So, this was a little tricky especially because we live an hour away from the hospital and he fell asleep in the car on the way there. He then was wide awake and kicking and talking up a storm in the waiting room.  All I thought was how am I going to get him to fall asleep?  It also didn't help that he got even more excited when the tecnicians were applying the electrodes all over his head.  Dylan thought this was great fun and proceeded to become less and less sleepy.  I was then told that if he didn't fall asleep they would have to reschedule it for another time.  ARGGGGGH!  However, lo and behold, my perfect angel child fell blistfully asleep after only 10 minutes of back patting and shushing by me.  Then as soon as he seemed to fall asleep the tecnician came back in and said "great, now wake him up."  OH, poor baby, but of course my angel didn't seem to mind one bit and went right back to smiling and cooing.  Oh my little trooper.  It will take a few days to get the results back but she did tell me that she didn't see anything abnormal on the readings.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Happy boy, he was so good they gave him a teddy bear.


  1. Sounds like Dylan is progressing really well.. That is fantastic!! Fingers crossed nothing abnormal comes back on th EEG report.

  2. Dylan is doing so well! I also hope nothing comes back abnormal on the EEG. Love the photos. And Happy Birthday to Hailey too!

  3. All great news! So proud of Dylan and all that he is accomplishing and AS ALWAYS praying that he has NO SEIZURES EVER.

  4. Great news! He is such a cutie, and he is doing so much more than I ever thought a 1 year old would be able to do with this syndrome, based on my early research. It really gives me hope for Kaylee. :-)

  5. We had a 24 hour EEG for Adel, which thankfully eliminated this dilemma. But Dylan seems to be such a good and cooperative boy! I'm glad he fell asleep for you. :)


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