Saturday, March 13, 2010

Kelsey and the Kiddos

I moved Kelsey to a new boarding stable yesterday and it is absolutely beautiful.  I am a little jealous - I wish I could live there.  So while Kelsey was busy running around the arena I attempted to take some cute pictures of the kids.

The barn - Kelsey's stall is the first one on the left.

Every horse's dream - lots of green grass.


  1. What a beautiful place! Anyone (human or horse) would love it there!

    I am sure Kelsey is thrilled. She is beautiful.

    Love the pictures of the kiddos - as always. Especially Dylan face to face with Kelsey.

    Hope that you are all well.

  2. happy for all of you! great to see Dylan in happy time!

  3. You are becoming quite the photographer! Its all math & science,your best subjects :)...The children are amazingly adorable, as always. And I love the new ranch. Kelsey will be so happy at his new home.


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