Tuesday, October 23, 2012

First Parent-Teacher Conference

Today we had Dylan's first parent-teacher conference. I will say again how much I absolutely LOVE this school! They told us that Dylan continues to progress everyday. He is vocalizing and interacting with his classmates more and more. Often times his "typical" peers will ask to play with him, which absolutely warms my heart. He is learning how to make choices between two activities, his fine motor skills are improving, and everyone loves him so so much. It was a great meeting. They are staying on track of his goals and want to see him reach his full potential. I am so very happy.

I wanted to share a few videos from PT the other day. This one he actually signs "all done."

We are working on Dylan learning how to get down safely, practice makes perfect.
Lastly, here he is in the gait trainer - this is the first time he is taking steps not just scooting - can you tell his PT is excited. :)


  1. I love how he puts his head on the balloon and doesn't let go. He knows what he likes!

  2. Great videos! Thanks for sharing. I am so thrilled for you guys that you love his school! That is awesome news!


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