Sunday, October 21, 2012

Busy Busy Days

Once again I find that I haven't posted since September and for that I am sorry.  My busy days have been filled with work, work and more work, the regular weekly appointments for Dylan, school, driving kids around, homework, gymnastics, oh and throw a horse to tend to in there and a house and husband and that is my life at the moment.  I am sure I missed a few things but all in all everything is good.  I even found the time to make the kids costumes again this year (Hailey's request) and I have to say they look pretty darn cute. 

Because of my tight schedule this post will be short, but I wanted to share a few videos of Dylan walking.  He is trying so hard and we are all so proud. 


  1. He's looking great, Kristy! He definitely seems to understand the idea of alternating feet, and I bet he'll be doing it on his own soon!! Are you guys still using the treadmill in PT? We've been giving that a try too.

  2. What wonderful videos! Thanks for sharing. He is amazing!! I cannot wait to see pictures of your adorable kids in their costumes. Keep up the awesome work Dylan!!

  3. Kristy, you are one amazing and inspirational supermom. I absolutely love reading through your blogs and following the beautiful Fisher family through Facebook photos and stories. Send all the family my love and give Hayley a big, big hug from me.

    All my love, Natalie


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