Saturday, June 18, 2011


O.K., I seriously just spent over an hour on a post then deleted it.  It was one of those woe is me posts.  I am trying hard to keep my New Years Resolutions (you can read those HERE) so as I hit the delete button I told Hailey to grab a blanket and decided to strip my two little boys down to their Huggies and head outside.  It was a beautiful day here in So. Cal. and  I needed a little slap in the face to get my mind on track.  This did the trick...

I want to pinch that sweet little tooshie!  Can you say OMG CUTE!

Dylan was not cooperating for my photo shoot and only wanted to lay on his back and scoot around on the grass.  And yes, Luke is totally sporting a foe-hawk. 

Luke wants to suck on anything and everything, so right before I took this pic he was sucking on Dylan's arm, which Dyl thought was pretty funny.

Oh, how I love these faces.  They can make me completely crazy at times but it is all worth it for moments like this.  I am asked constantly how I do it all.  The truth is I don't really know.  I try to just go with it and usually it all works out.

Luke, like a big squishy marshmallow, how you make me smile.  You have made our family complete and so happy these last seven months.

This was Dylan's idea of fun - gosh MOM can you stop with the camera and let me swing!

I try so hard in my head to summarize the recent events/moments in our lives and when I sit down to write a blog post I find it difficult when a five year old wiggles my chair.   Yes, Hailey, you are the culprit.  This past week Hailey had her last day of pre-school.   It is crazy how time flies.  My baby"graduated" from pre-school!  I told myself I couldn't cry because I was not wearing waterproof mascara but I think I did shed a tear or two.  Dylan's receptive language is expanding and he now can follow five commands/questions.  He also has taken a big interest when Luke is crying in the stroller.  He will sit forward and look and reach over the middle of the stroller and put his hand on Luke.  It's as if he is saying don't cry little bro, I'm here.   I love it!  He is also trying more and more to sit up using his arms rather than just doing a big sit up.  Luke is sitting up very well and is babbling up a storm.  He has the cutest squeal and laugh that melts my heart.  He is still not to sure if he is liking the baby food yet and prefers mommy's milk - so for all of you that saw the Michelin Man picture of him and thought - what must she be feeding him?  It's all breastmilk (Hailey looked exactly the same). 

The Tiny Tigers Cheer Squad - too cute for words.  Let's put it this way, their little performance made me cry it was that cute.

I know what you are thinking - Is this post ever going to end?!  Yeah, but a few last pictures of my eye goop free boy. 



  1. Love every picture! Congrats to Hailey for graduating preschool...kindergarten, here she comes! I always think I am okay with not trying one more time for a baby, and then I see Luke and think..." well, maybe just 1 more..." lol. Love you! XO

  2. Congrats to you for sticking to your New Year's Resolution. I know it's not always easy, but those stinkin' aDORable faces must help!

  3. Seeing your adorable kids that I just want to kiss and love on helped me smile today! Thanks!!!

    Thank you for all your love and support while Magnolia was in the hospital. I truly appreciate it.

    Lots of love!

  4. Hi! My good friend Judy (whose son goes to school with your daughter, I believe?) suggested that I check out your blog. I've been scrolling through older blog posts and found myself relating to so much of what you've said. I have a baby boy with Down syndrome, and I also find myself deleting a couple of somewhat negative posts, fighting for therapy to help him, and more of what you have also shared! I met a woman (while I was still pregnant with my youngest) who had a daughter with a rare chromosomal abnormality. I mistook it for Down syndrome, but it wasn't. I realized that as rare as Down syndrome seems (1 in 770 isn't common, really...), it is more common than some of the other chromosomal occurences. Though our sons' issues are diagnosed very differently, I'd bet that the fights we'll fight for our sons will be very much the same: for acceptance, inclusion, and assistance where neccessary! I hope we meet in person some day soon- your family is beautiful and I'm glad I found your blog!!


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