Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Each and every year I make a resolution and they usually are to drink less soda or to work out more, but to be honest I usually never keep them.  This year is going to be different.  I have put some goals out there for myself and I will strive to hold onto these goals as best as I can.  Here they are:

~I will take each day as it comes and not worry about what tomorrow may bring.

~I will not compare Dylan's growth and development to other children with or without WHS.

~I will remember that Dylan is continually making progress (slow as it may be) and not get discouraged when I see or read about other WHS kiddos that are reaching milestones faster. 

~I will remember that Dylan is happy, awesome, determined, a blessing - I will try my best not to be sad because he's definitely not.

~I will remind myself that although being a mother of a child with special needs is not something that I ever wanted to do, nor is it something that I signed up for I know that I can do this - heck after these last two years I can do anything! 

To move on from the seriousness - we had a great but very cold New Years.  We headed up to California City to camp and go dirt biking with our friends.  It was in the 30's the whole weekend but was a very fun trip. 

All the guys getting ready to ride.  They went for a very very long ride and came back numb from the cold.

Dylan was very happy to be bundled up and outside with Daddy.

Dylan and Uncle Eliot

Hailey ready to ride - of course she refused to wear her new cool riding gear and helmet that she got for Christmas.

Dylan with daddy by the campfire.

Lukey ready to go out.

Luke gave us his first big smile this weekend!  He is also two months old today - time sure flies!

This is what we drove home in.  Snow is pretty rare for Southern California.  Hailey was very excited.


  1. Great goals Kristy! You have a beautiful family and I love watching them grow and develop! I especially love the first one. Happy New Year to you all xoxo

  2. Happy New Year! I have the same goals-- I think we all do, those of us with special needs children. I can especially relate to the desire to stop comparing my WHS child to other children-- even those with WHS. I hope that the new year brings your family wonderful things! xo

    And oh yeah...can Luke be ANY cuter?? :-)

  3. Great Goals... I totally agree with you and sometimes I find myself comparing Ellie to other kids with WHS, especially when they can do more than she can. This too is something that I have to STOP doing.

    P.s great photos... Luke has grown so much. Love the smile
    Big hugs xx

  4. Happy New Year. What great photos! I love your goals!!

  5. My name is Angela, I am Ben Brubaker's youngest daughter. My dad used to work at Quality Windows. My mom forwarded me your blog address and I hope it's okay that I have been reading it. Your recent post really inspired me. We are going through some trials right now, as we found out that our youngest son (2 yrs old) has Autism. I need to make a copy of your resolutions and read them every day. I know that my son has different challenges than your son, but it is nice to know that there are others who can relate to the way I'm feeling. Thank you for that post. It truly made my day.


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