Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sickness and a Stander

It has been a long week and a half with sick babies in the Fisher house.  It all started over New Year's weekend with Hailey having a cough and fever while we were camping.  Then on Monday night Dylan started with a fever and cough.  Tuesday we were off to the doctor's office - Hailey having walking pneumonia and Dylan with an ear infection and cold.  So both were placed on antibiotics.  Then Tuesday night Luke started with a little bit of a cough and that turned into wheezing by Wednesday morning so back to the doctor's office.  Luke was diagnosed with a viral cold and was given a breathing treatment and we were sent home with a Rx for an albuteral inhaler and instructions to bring him back if he had a fever.  Fast forward to Friday - I had a hair appointment (a very important thing) and my mom was watching Dylan (I took the baby with me).  By now Hailey was doing completely fine and back at school and Dylan was still very congested and wheezy but seemed to be doing better than the day before.  I got a call from my mom around 4pm (I was still at the salon with my hair up in foils) and she said that Dylan was wheezing more and more and wanted to take him back to the doctor.  So off she went and they gave him 2 breathing treatments and a shot of prednisone and a Rx for oral prednisone to take for 5 days and a albuterol inhaler that I was to do every 4 hours.  The doctor was concerned with the wheezing but his oxygen saturation was 98% so he instructed my mom that if the wheezing didn't subside by 10pm I was to take him to the ER.  Well 10pm came and I gave him the two puffs with the inhaler (which was kind of a joke - he hated it and even with Mitch holding him down he was thrashing around so much that I was questioning how much of the medication he actually was breathing in).  However, I had the humidifier in his room and he was sleeping peacefully.  Saturday morning he was still fussy but seemed to be ok, but by 1pm the wheezing was back and it was obvious to me that he was having trouble breathing so off to urgent care I went and when we got there his O2 level was only at 93%.  The doctor told me that she wanted to admit him to the hospital for breathing treatments!  I knew that what he really needed was a nebulizer at home so that I could give him the treatments like they were giving him there so I pleaded my case (I am an RN) and convinced the doc to give him a tx and reevaluate.  So once they turned on the nebulizer and the mask was on his face (loud and vibrating which he likes) he was breathing easy again and fell asleep.  After, his O2 level went up to 97%, they also did a chest x-ray, which was clear, so they sent us home with a nebulizer and a Rx for albuterol breathing treatment every 4 hours.  By now I was exhausted mentally and physically.  Oh and I forgot to mention that along with all the days of snot and coughing and crying, Luke was coughing so much that he was throwing up most of his feedings.  And I mean projectile!  I was covered in baby puke and snot for about 5 days straight. 

Well, here we are the following week and everyone is better!  Thank God!  I just hope that Mitch and I don't get it. 

To move on:  This week Dylan's PT brought over a stander for us to borrow and try out.  Now, Dylan is able to stand but he is still a bit wobbly and she thought that this would be great to allow him to stand for longer periods of time.  It's also great for him to be able to stand and play with toys and work on fine motor skills as well.  He did really well with it and was able to tolerate 20 minutes the first time he was in it. 

My mom and I also did some hippotherapy with Dylan.  We are very fortunate to have horses of our own.  Dylan loves the horses and loves petting them and feeling their warm, soft hair.  Today he rode Lily (one of my mom's horses) and he mostly wanted to ride laying down.  It was so cute, he was so happy and was smiling and laughing with every step she took.

I had to add this last pic just because I love it so much.  I snapped it the other night when Mitch was cuddling with the kiddos.


  1. So glad everyone is feeling better. What a week you had!! Hope you are able to get some much needed rest and recuperation after all of that. Dylan looks great in the stander. He is looking so much like a little man, all grown up. And on the horse, that is awesome!! We take Riley riding and she also loves it. It is amazing how they can do as a result of hippotherapy.

  2. Oh No! Not a good way to start 2011. I'm sorry. Glad everyone is feeling better. What great pictures, the last one is wonderful! What amazing smiles!!


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