Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More Tricks

Dylan has been showing off more and more lately and I am so glad I captured it on camera.  About a year ago Dylan learned how to raise up his arms when I would say "pick me up."  He would do it all the time and then that skill suddenly stopped about 8 months ago.  I was so sad, we had worked so hard and I thought that maybe he would never do it again but today he showed me.  I am so excited!  He is so proud of himself, it's very very cute.  You will also see in this video that Dylan has begun to scoot around on his back to get to what he wants.  Scooting around on his belly is still something that we are working on everyday and he is very resistant to it but I will take whatever floor mobility he can give me right now.  Way to go Pickle!

I also wanted to share these very cute growth charts that I got for the kids.  Dylan loved showing off how big he is.

(this photo thanks to big sis Hailey)


  1. Great pictures. I love the video. Dylan raising his hands is too cute. I love how he wanted to the ball and went to get it. Way to go Dylan!!

  2. Aw Kristy, this was so fun to watch! Dylan is just so sweet, and seeing this was the encouragement I needed today. I loved watching him scoot all over the floor to reach and push the ball. I just love that little boy! xo

  3. Wow.. he is getting so grown up.. I love seeing this as I to think it gives me encouragement... I hope Ellie is there soon... xx

  4. I saw your update on facebook, but to see it on the video - WOW! He is doing great. Why do you think he stopped lifting his arms up 8 months ago? I guess maybe it doesn't matter, as long as he's doing it again. You must be so proud of him!


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