Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Urology and Therapy Updates

Last week Dylan was back at the Urologist for his VCUG.  Last year he had one done and it was determined that he had 4+ vesicoureteral reflux on the right side and 3+ on the left.  This time the right side was only at a 2+ and the left was barely a 1+.  I was very excited to hear that the kidney reflux appears to be resolving on its own - finally something is going right.  The doc wants to wait six months and do another VCUG and at that time if it has not resolved completely he will perform the deflux procedure.  The only down side is that he will need to remain on the once a day antibiotics for six more months, but I think we can live with that.

On to therapy.  Dylan's therapy has drastically increased this last month.  We are now up to 20 hours a month of PT/OT and developmental therapy.  I admit that it is a lot at times and can be overwhelming, but I am grateful that all of this was approved and is being provided to us free by the state of California.  Three times a week someone comes to our house and twice a week I take him to a medical therapy unit.  With three kids and one of them being four months old and breastfeeding it can take some juggling. However, thanks to my mom and my sister I am actually able to fit it all in.   It is hard because with school for Hailey, naps and feeding schedules and trying to keep my house somewhat clean it leaves little time for anything else.   In the beginning I was worried that this would be too much for Dylan.  Some days he is great for the therapist and other days not so much.  Last week was a nightmare!  He did not want to do any work.  He even got so upset during his OT session that I thought he was going to make himself throw up.  But then this week - so far so good.  He had a great session with both PT and OT on Monday and did very well with the developmentalist yesterday.  Maybe we have turned a corner!  He has been very very happy this week - cracking himself up all day long, it is very cute. 

He was having a great time on his Rody horse laughing and bouncing.


  1. Good news for Dylan! You know, Kristy, I really do not know how you do it. If Mark and I decide to add another little one to our family, I will be calling you constantly for advice on how to balance it all. lol. I just love Dylan's smile~ I hope the therapies continue to be positive experiences for him...and you! xo

  2. I love that he is cracking himself up. So cute. What a great picture.


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