Saturday, November 27, 2010

Standing So Big

He says, "I know I'm cool."


I couldn't help but post these pictures.  Dylan is standing so strong now and I am so proud I had to share.  We no longer need the leg braces because he can now keep his legs straight by himself.  The greatest thing is that he wants to stand up, where before he showed very little interest.  In these pictures I am just helping him balance, he is holding up his own weight.  And they told us he may never stand up - Dylan likes to prove doctors wrong.

Dylan is enjoying his Wingbo these days.  He has really learned how to swing it and I hope that it will help to strengthen his back and upper body to help him with crawling. 


  1. That's AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing! Way to go Dylan!

  2. Dylan has come a long way, we're so proud of how he's doing!! He is getting so strong...Love it!!

  3. he is so big now! big brother Dylan...


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