Friday, November 19, 2010

Baby Luke, the NICU, and a Seizure

So much to say, however I am so tired I am not sure how in depth or detailed this post will get.  Lets start from the beginning:
On November 2nd we welcomed Luke Eliot Fisher into this world - 6lbs 7oz and 18.5" long.  He was a little bit early, I wasn't due until December 3rd but came out crying and healthy.  During labor I spiked a fever and was given antibiotics.  Blood cultures were drawn on me and came back negative and my doctor felt that I probably just had a typical virus.  When Luke was born he had a rash on his forehead and chest and when the Pediatrician came to see him the next day she wanted to have some blood drawn on him because of my fever.  So the nurse took him over to the NICU to have the blood drawn and then came back to tell me that she asked the Neonatologist to take a look at the rash and he was being admitted to the NICU!  I went right over to talk with them and find out what was going on and the doc told me that she wanted to get blood cultures and was concerned about the rash, however she did say it looked like a typical newborn rash but she wanted to be sure.  That then turned into the nightmare that we have been dealing with for the past 2.5 weeks.  I ended up being discharged from the hospital without our baby.  It was very upsetting and emotional for me.  It brought back all of the sad and horrible memories of Dylan being in the NICU and I honestly could not believe that it was happening. 
To make a long story short, poor Luke has been subjected to multiple blood draws, IV starts, NG tube feedings(which were completely unnecessary if you ask my opinion!), a lumbar puncture to test spinal fluid and being separated from his loving family.  All of the test results have shown that he also just had a virus, which explained the rash (that had completely disappeared by day 3), that he most likely caught from me during labor.  However, the Neonatologists are being extremely conservative and are insisting that he get treated with IV antibiotics for 14 days just in case he possibly had a bacterial infection (even though all the cultures and tests were negative for bacteria mind you).  It has been very frustrating and upsetting.  We all know that antibiotics don't cure VIRUSES they resolve on their OWN!!! So we have been trying to just wait patiently but it has been very very hard.  We miss our baby and want him home so badly.  My days have been very hectic and almost a blur between driving back and forth to the hospital to breastfeed and trying to take care of Hailey and Dylan and things at home.  I can't wait until the 23rd (this coming Tuesday) - the course of antibiotics will be completed and baby Luke will be all ours!

Now as if my life weren't hectic and stressful enough, on Wednesday of this week I was in the NICU with Luke and my sister was watching Dylan and Hailey.  Dylan had been fine when I dropped him off 2 hours before and I had put him down for a nap before I left.  When my sister went in to check on him she saw that he was waking up and when she picked him up she noticed that he felt very hot and feverish and he was whining.  So she took off his clothes and got some cool washcloths to put on him and he started to have a seizure.  She said it lasted about a minute and his whole body was shaking and he was foaming at the mouth.  She called 911 and called me, luckily I was around the corner and I pulled up just as the ambulance was getting there.  He was taken to the ER and his temp was 103.1.  They determined that he had a UTI and admitted him for the night for IV antibiotics and monitoring.  The only good thing is that they brought Dylan to the same hospital that Luke is at.  So Wednesday night was spent going back and forth between the NICU and pediatrics and making sure both of my precious boys had lots of love.  Dylan was discharged the next day (yesterday) and has been very cranky and tired but still acting like his normal self.  It was a very traumatic experience for him and me.  Our poor little pickle.  I hate to say this but, why did this have to happen?  What did we do to deserve this?  I have always known that he could have a seizure and honestly everyday I think "is this going to be the day?"  It is so scary and I have been dealing with so much lately I feel like I am on the verge of a breakdown.  I can only hope that things will start looking up from here, I can't possibly handle anything else. 

Our pickle man not feeling very well.

Ready to go home!


  1. Kristy, I confess that I cried when I read your post. I know how unfair it seems-- some people just breeze through life without a single problem, and then there are those of us who just seem to hit one challenge after another after another. The blessing is that Baby Luke is going to be fine and will not face the challenges that Dylan has faced in his development; this delay in his homecoming could be much worse. That definitely deserve to have a miracle of good sorts to come your way, and I pray that your strength through these past few weeks-- and especially days-- will be rewarded somehow. I'm thinking a nice lottery jackpot or something like that. I think of you and your boys every day-- they are in my prayers each night. Hang in there! xo

  2. Welcome baby Luke! He is absolutely adorable!! I'm so sorry to hear about Dylan. Poor little guy! I can not imagine how hard this all is for you. I'm thinking of you and your family.

  3. I agree, I too cried when I read your post... Sometimes when I hear about our WHS kiddies and families. They never get a break!!! Thank goodness baby luke is coming home soon, as that will bring back some normality. I really hope Dylans seizure was only from the UTI and isnt going to be a ongoing thing. You definately are in my thoughts at the moment, and I hope that some 'good luck' comes your way soon

    Mel xx

  4. Another one who cried reading your post. You don't deserve any of this. It is not fair. I am so glad to hear Luke is coming home and that Dylan is doing ok. Sending lots of love to you all xoxoxox

  5. be strong kristy... we here also pray for you guys! hope everything will turn a bit calm after this...

  6. I am so sorry you are going through so much right now. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, Dylan is home and Luke will be in a few days. Your strength is admirable in so many ways. We are thinking about all of you and praying for your family to all be home, healthy, and together for Thanksgiving.

  7. Lots of love and prayers to you guys. Please call me if you need anything at all. You are an amazing momma and those little perfect boys are so lucky to have you. You'll get through this, as you do everything, and it will be so amazing to be on the other side. xo

  8. I'm sorry about all the stress you have to go through. I agree, it's just not fair. I hope that as soon as you take your baby home things will quickly fall back in place and you will enjoys wonderful holidays with your family.
    Seizures suck. Febrile or not. Denise got her very first last night, so I totally know how you feel.
    You are in my thoughts.

  9. Congrats. on your new beautiful baby boy!!! What a blessing! I am so sorry to hear what he has gone through, the only good thing about it that I can say is that at least your NICU cares enough to keep him there and make sure he is well, unlike my daughters NICU stay where they kept saying she was fine when she had bacterial meningitis and now is special needs with many issues because of it:( I know it stinks having to leave them behined, all four of my children spent time in the NICU, but he'll be home in your arms before you know it!!

    Also so sorry to hear about Dylan, poor sweetie, that must have been so scarey!

    Praying for good health for all of you!!!


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