Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Sorry for the lack of posts but life has been a bit hectic around here.  We closed escrow on our new house last Friday and have been working on it, packing, moving, etc...  We are very excited to be moving back to the suburbs of Los Angeles to be closer to family and friends.  My mom's house is literally 2.2 miles away (which is a lot better than 100 miles) and that definitely brings a big smile to my face. 

Dylan has been doing great.  He has figured out how to bounce his bouncy seat and will bounce until he is sweating.  He is still working on sitting and can balance for a while if we put him in the right position but we are still having trouble with him wanting to throw his body backwards.  So, I am working a lot with him on the yoga ball to strengthen is trunk muscles.  He can stand by himself with his leg braces on and has been "talkin" up a storm - no words yet but he likes to make a lot of noise. 

I take Dylan for his 18 month check-up tomorrow morning and I will post with all the updates.

Here are a few pictures of our new house that we hope to move into labor day weekend:

Dylan in his new room - he likes it!

Me and Hailey watching the boys all hard at work.

Dylan bouncing and talking during the construction.


  1. Love the video of Dylan - all that talking is so nice to hear - and wow, can he move those legs!!! Congrats on the new house. I'm sure it will be great to be near family.

  2. Oh my goodness-- Dylan looks so BIG in his chair! He is so sweet; and he sure does seem to have a lot to say! The house also looks great-- did they knock out a wall or is that an addition you are making? Lots of luck with the official move-- I cannot wait to see pictures of the house when it is all completed! Hope you are feeling well these days-- time for a new belly pic! xo

  3. LOVING THAT SWEET VOICE! He will be talking soon!

    Don't worry about Dylan throwing himself back... one day he will just get it. Norrah threw herself back for what seemed like FOREVER and then as with everything with out little kiddos, one day she just figured it out.

    He looks great and the house looks great. I cannot wait to see pictures of it all decorated and complete!

  4. I love how vocal Dylan is, he is definitely trying to tell you something. SO cute. I am excited to see pictures of the new house with everyone settled in.

  5. Hi Kristy! I still remember Denise throwing herself back. And I too remember what her therapists were saying about it - they were seeing this as a sign her reflux was not completely taken care of. Could this be the case with Dylan too? And that's a relatively easy fix.
    I hope this is gone by now, but I thought I'd comment. The talking is sooooooooo sweet to hear :)


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