Wednesday, August 25, 2010

18 month check-up

Dylan had his 18 month check-up with the Pediatrician today and here is how he measured up:

Weight: 15lbs 9oz - 70% on WHS growth chart, this is a growth of 9oz in 2 months, not too bad for Dylan.

Height: 29" - 70% on WHS growth chart, this is a growth of 1" in 2 months.

Head Circumference: 16.25" - 50% on WHS growth chart, this is only 0.25" gain since 2 months ago, Dylan's head has always been the slowest to grow.

I am very happy with this news.  Dylan is still eating like a champ and we load all his food with Duocal and/or coconut oil to add more fat and calories and he also gets 6 oz of Pediasure a day to balance out his diet (which I wish he would drink more of, but that's one thing, you can't force him to eat or drink if he doesn't want to).  I did think that he had gained more weight because he just looks so big to me but I am always happy with any increase in weight or length.

He loves to play with the paper on the exam table.

Big boy in the hamper!

Standing so big and strong.


  1. Great stats!!! He is getting so big! Riley has her 18 month check up on Monday and I am hoping for some of Dylan's length to transfer to Riley. She needs some growth!

  2. He has grown heaps!!! He is looking strong and beautiful as always!

  3. He looks SOOOOOOOOOOO BIG! And he is doing great. Love his cute little face.


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