Thursday, February 11, 2010


Dylan is thriving!  I can't believe the change in him over this last month.  It is as if he has "come alive" so to speak.  He just seems so much more alert and interactive with the world around him.  He seems especially active when he is swimming in his Water Way pool.  I don't know what it is but the water has a wonderful effect on him.   He rolls and kicks, splashes and grabs his legs and feet when he is in the water.  He has been cooing and babbling up a storm, and smiling and kicking with excitement when someone comes up to him.  It makes me want to cry when he does this.  I am so proud because in the beginning it was rare for Dylan to even make eye contact.  He seemed completely unaware or uninterested in the world around him.  Now he turns to the sound of his name and looks for us, and he actually is beginning to have some separation anxiety, YEAH!  When we got the diagnosis I remember asking the Geneticist if he will ever know or recognize us.  She said "maybe not."  He has proved her wrong again! 

I also took Dylan to his first session of PT/OT today.  He did so well.  He melted their hearts with his adorable smile, beautiful blue eyes and one little blond curly-Q on the top of his head.  All the therapists were awwing over him.  They gave me a lot of helpful tips and goals to work on at home.  He will now have PT/OT twice a week and his home therapist once a week - my days are pretty full but I am very excited to see how he progresses with all this extra help. 

Happy boy!

More Wingbo time, he still won't put weight on his hands but now he is reaching out for and grasping the rings in front of him.  We work on this every day.

Water therapy, Dylan's favorite.


  1. This is so exciting to hear! The WHS babes - always proving doctors wrong. Of course Dylan is no exception. He is ADORABLE and I love that little curly Q!

    I like the video a - lot. Hailey is so cute in it too. And - thought you would like to know that I watched it with Norrah beside me and she was waving at Dylan the whole time! Ha! She likes him.

  2. Kristy,
    Dylan is absolutely adorable in every way. Your story touched my heart! What amazing strength you have. Thank you for sharing your story. You have a beautiful family!

    Jenni Portillo

  3. kristy, he's so gorgeous! i really wish to meet him some day...

  4. Yah for Dylan!!! It really is amazing to go back to the beginning of your blog and to see the amazing transformation he has made it such a short amount of time. So excited to see what happens in the next year! And he's almost one already! Doesn't time fly?!

  5. Kristy, Dylan is so cute! I don't how anybody could say those weird things to you about him. I have to tell you that Abby was sitting next to me while I reading and watching videos and she actually was laughing with Dylan and saying hmmmm with him and pointing to her belly button when we was naked.She just LOVED the videos and I had to play several times. Thanks for updates on your guys look to be thriving together! ;)


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