Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ode to Huckleberry

This post is about our wonderful dog, Huckleberry, our Chocolate Lab.  Mitch and I brought him into our family when he was just 8 weeks old (he's is now 7yrs), he was our first baby and taught us a little bit about parenting.  Hailey taught him how to put up with little kids and now Dylan is doing the same.  He is the best dog, we all love him and spoil him very much. 

Dylan was very happy to get some Hucky kisses.

Hailey was about 15 months here. 

Hailey was a little over a year in this pic, she used to ride Huck all the time, now she is too big.

Huckleberry even lets us dress him up for Halloween - he was a vampire.

Hucky in the flowers.


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