Friday, September 16, 2011


Changes, milestones, accomplishments, smiles, and laughter.  These words describe what has been happening in our house the last few weeks.  Each week I notice something new in Dylan, either it be in his trunk stability or overall strength to finger feeding and standing independently (well almost).  He is "talking" so much and I believe at meal time he is actually trying to say "more" when he wants a drink or another bite (hopefully I will be able to catch this on video).  His receptive language is expanding and he is doing fantastic with his flash cards. 

He loves to play with Luke and I just love to watch their interaction.

Luke is now 10 months old and coming in at 23lbs6oz and 28" long!  He is doing something new everyday and is babbling up a storm.

Hailey started Kindergarten last week and is growing up so fast, I still can't believe it.  She is adjusting well to going to school five days a week but reminds me that it's a long day and that she doesn't get to play as much as she did in pre-school. 


  1. Beautiful photos.. Great to hear that Dylan is doing so well. What are the flash cards? I am interested in them

  2. Adorable!! Gorgeous photos! I'm thrilled to hear all the great news.

  3. Amazing photos! They are beautiful, and hearing about Dylan's milestones really makes me smile. :-)

  4. Awwwwwwwww! I love the video! Look at him, that's great! BTW Denise does the same thing, she will look at whatever I'm showing her only and when SHE wants to! You got to love them :)
    I'm so happy for all the positive changes, I thought I even heard him say "mom" at the picture of mommy.
    Keep it coming, buddy!


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