Sunday, July 10, 2011


This is Luke's new look - tongue sticking out the side of his mouth - very cute if you ask me.

Sorry for the blurriness, camera issues, but can you see that Dylan is actually pushing off his arms!  It's a miracle, he is getting stronger!

I also wanted to share that Dylan is becoming a little mischievous lately - which makes me totally happy of course.  For example, this morning we were at breakfast with Mitch's parents and Dylan was being very good as he always is, but he was grabbing at everything on the table and dropping things on the floor, then looking over the side of his seat at the menu, spoons, crayons, etc... that he had dropped.  He actually grabbed a plate of food, that I thought was out of his reach, and threw it on the floor.  He was so proud of himself.  And, no, I was not mad, but happy that he did this.  I actually said, "good boy" as I was cleaning up the mess.  It was very exciting.  These words would probably not be coming from the mom of a "typical" 2 year old, but when you have a child with special needs that you were told would have no personality and possibly be "vegetative" times like these are memorable and make me want to call the doctor and say YOU WERE WRONG! 


  1. Drop Dylan Drop!!! I love it! Way to go Dylan! Keep it up! Love the picture of Dylan pushing up on the swing. He is getting so strong!

    What adorable pictures. I love Luke's Little Firecracker shirt. The picture of all three kids is precious!

  2. That exhilarating feeling when your SN child is making trouble! I often brag about the "horrible" things Adi did when I speak to my mother. She responds, "You sound like you are proud or something." I am! I am!

    Dylan is getting stronger and stronger each day! It may take him much longer to get there, and it is harder than it is for other kids. But he will get there because he doesn't give up! My wish to you is that Dylan should make so much trouble that you will think you were nuts for getting excited at the first sign of troublemaking. :)

  3. My favorite picture is the one of Dylan riding his Poohmobile...or maybe it is the one of him lounging in the pool on the float...or perhaps it the one of the three of them together. Yes~ that's my favorite! lol. In all seriousness--all of your children are so photogenic! May the good times continue coming in droves (and broken plates of food). xo


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