Saturday, May 28, 2011

Watery and Goopy Eyes Be Gone!

I took Dylan to the opthamologist on Friday to consult about his clogged tear ducts.  He has had this problem since birth and constantly has watery and goopy eyes which requires us to constantly wipe his eyes - which he hates!  It has caused a lot of additional problems with his facial aversion.  Whenever I come close to his face with a cloth he covers his face with his hands and arms.  I am a little mad at myself that I didn't get this consult sooner but his Pediatrician wanted to wait and see if he would grow out of it - my though is he would of grown out of it by now so lets fix the problem.  It is a relatively quick procedure (about 5 minutes) where the doctor uses a little probe to open the tear duct.  The great part is that he doesn't have to go under general anesthesia, they just use a little sedation.  This procedure will take place on June 14th and I can't wait to finally see his eyes clear and goop free!

Here are some cute pics from the last few weeks, enjoy!

Playing in the sandbox with his girlfriends.

Cutie patooties!

Swimming with sissy.
Chillin' in the pool.


  1. Good luck with the procedure. Amanda has blocked tear ducts when she was a baby, too, so I know what you mean about always having to wipe wet, goopy eyes. We had the procedure scheduled, but then I took her to a football game at my HS, and I am not sure what happened-- if it was the cool breeze that night or what, but her ducts opened on their own. I didn't have to wipe them from that point on. That said, I know lots of kids who have had the probe, and every one worked out perfectly!! Love the photos...especially of Dylan in the pool. I cannot wait to be able to bring Kaylee swimming. She loves the water, but until she heals fully, there will be no splashing for her. lol. xo

  2. So glad he is having the surgery done soon. I'm sure he will do great with it and it will be a relief for you as well. Love the pictures in the sandbox, so sweet to see Dylan playing with friends. I have to ask, what double stroller are you using? We had a BOB with Riley and love it but I'm thinking the double BOB is going to be too big. Still trying to figure out the best option. Glad things are going well.

  3. Magnolia also has a blocked tear duct. If she is not all goopy she is tearing like crazy. Her doctor suggested we wait until she is a year and if it hasn't opened by then we should do the procedure. However, I never thought about the effects of me constantly wiping her face. Something to think about!! Thanks!

    The pictures are adorable! I love Dylan's smile! Too cute.


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