Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pregnancy Update

I figured I would post a little prego update since it has been a while and maybe some of you are interested.  I am now 33 weeks along and besides the horrible heat in Southern California that is making me sweat, and the horrendous back pain at the end of the day I am doing well.  I had my appointment with the Perinatologist for my follow up ultrasound and besides waiting for over an hour everything went great.  The baby is growing right on track and everything appears perfectly normal and healthy.  He is measuring in the 40% on the growth chart and his estimated fetal weight is 4lbs7oz. 

He was being a little difficult when the tech was trying to get a picture of his face - he kept putting his hand and arm in the way but you can still see those cute lips, little nose and chubby cheeks.

I had to add this pic because it is so cute - our little Motocross Champ with Daddy and Uncle Eliot last weekend.


  1. I didn't know you were pregnant, CONGRATULATIONS!!
    Dylan looks like he's totally enjoying the men company :)
    Lovely! And happy for you!

  2. Great pictures~ of the baby AND your little man! Wow! 33 weeks already~ it seems like yesterday you wrote of your pregnancy. I continue to wish you all the best in the last remaining weeks of your pregnancy. I cannot wait to see pictures of your littlest man when he arrives. Sending love and hugs!


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