Monday, November 30, 2009

Dylan got another awesome toy from Grandma - a Water Way Babies Pool! This was his first time in it and he loved it. We finally took him out after 30 minutes because the water was starting to get cold. I can't believe how great he did the first time. He never cried or fussed, just floated, kicked, rolled and smiled around in the water. This system is a patented, water-based method designed to stimulate, strengthen and help improve the baby's physical and mental development. Leave it to my Mom to find all these great therapeutic devices. We want to give Dylan every opportunity to develop to his fullest potential and she is always on the look out for things that will complement his traditional treatment. Thanks again Mom/Grandma - we love you. For more info go to

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  1. We just ordered this for Riley after seeing your blog. Do you set it up in the bathtub? Riley loves her baths so I am excited to see how she does in this.


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