Monday, October 29, 2012

My Three Little Pumpkins

 Halloween is in two days!  I still don't quite know where the time has gone.  In the last week I have taken the kids to three different pumpkin patches - mostly for my own sake to try to get some cute pictures but this was the best I could get.  Luke kept on walking up to the camera, Hailey wouldn't hold still and Dylan was so distracted by everyone and everything that I could barely get him to smile. 

 Once again this year I made the kids costumes - Hailey wanted to be the three little pumpkins, and the boys agreed, so off to the fabric store I went and here are the results... I think they are pretty darn cute.

 House of pumpkins
 You can't see but Luke is holding Dylan's hand - he sure does love his big brother.

 Buddies watching the chicken show - Dylan thought it was hilarious!
 I want this one mommy.

 The best part of all the pumpkin patches for Luke was this one - he was in heaven with all the wagons and tractors.  

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

First Parent-Teacher Conference

Today we had Dylan's first parent-teacher conference. I will say again how much I absolutely LOVE this school! They told us that Dylan continues to progress everyday. He is vocalizing and interacting with his classmates more and more. Often times his "typical" peers will ask to play with him, which absolutely warms my heart. He is learning how to make choices between two activities, his fine motor skills are improving, and everyone loves him so so much. It was a great meeting. They are staying on track of his goals and want to see him reach his full potential. I am so very happy.

I wanted to share a few videos from PT the other day. This one he actually signs "all done."

We are working on Dylan learning how to get down safely, practice makes perfect.
Lastly, here he is in the gait trainer - this is the first time he is taking steps not just scooting - can you tell his PT is excited. :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Busy Busy Days

Once again I find that I haven't posted since September and for that I am sorry.  My busy days have been filled with work, work and more work, the regular weekly appointments for Dylan, school, driving kids around, homework, gymnastics, oh and throw a horse to tend to in there and a house and husband and that is my life at the moment.  I am sure I missed a few things but all in all everything is good.  I even found the time to make the kids costumes again this year (Hailey's request) and I have to say they look pretty darn cute. 

Because of my tight schedule this post will be short, but I wanted to share a few videos of Dylan walking.  He is trying so hard and we are all so proud.